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genikes en 1Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray province, the northern of Ethiopia, is the base of Mekelle University and of the College of Health Sciences. The College of Health Sciences has a current total of 2.000 students and about 50% of them are enrolled in Medical school.

In September 2008, Ayder Referral Hospital was inaugurated within the auspices of the University, in order both to serve the local community and to contribute to the education of trainee doctors and nurses. Ayder Referral Hospital, understaffed and underequipped, despite its large size and modern facilities, is in constant growth. The second biggest hospital in Ethiopia has currently around 400 operational beds compared to 280 of last year (out of a total of 480 beds) and 4 functional operating rooms out of a total of 7.
The specialized medical staff doubled within last year from 12 to a total of 22, including 5 internists, 4 pediatricians, 2 gynecologists, 2 general surgeons, 1 ENT surgeon, 1 orthopedic surgeon, 1 radiologist, 3 dermatologists, 2 pathologists and 1 psychiatrist. The staff also includes 25 general practitioners (GPs), 80 residents (last year medical students), 190 nurses, 7 nurse-anesthetists, 31 transporters, 4 morgue technicians, 28 laboratory technologists and 4 informatic technologists.

For a second consecutive year, following an invitation of the Dean of the College of Health Sciences of Mekelle University, Dr. Zerihun Abebe, based on the experience of the first mission and the needs of Ayder Referral Hospital and the community of the Tigray area, Mission ANTHROPOS organized a double mission, including a pediatric and a general surgical campaign.